This is a call to all you KARIMA women. Escape to a forest of winter wonders and roam free like the wild horses. This was our inspiration for creating our latest AW16 fashion collection.

In this collection we use a variety of material like wool decorated with strands of fabric simulating the mane of a horse. On the other end of the spectrum we used the lighter material like Chiffon, Georgia, and Organza with flower decorations to symbolize the freedom of running wild. This collection also utilizes a multitude of textures as well like the unforgettable feel of horse’s hair and the gentle yet course feel of the horse’s hide. We have added carefully handcrafted cloth flowers with crystal style and filament to add a hint of sweetness and color to the collection.

We also created a two special prints, a horse inspired print and a floral print to express the beauty of being wild and free. Our color palette ranges from Mustard Yellow, Cool Pink, Fuchsia, Olive Green, Leaf Green, Caramel, Teal, Midnight Blue, Maroon, and Black. The mood of this collection from its design, details, and pattern exemplify a modern and sophisticated style.
Above the Bit Akhal-Teke Amble
Appaloosa Bascule Bloom Essence
Blue Roan Bridle Canter
Capride Cavesson Courbette
Courbette Dartmoor Dressage
Equitatian Fox Irot Friesian
Haute Ecole Hoisteiner Knab Struper
Marwari Mustang Palomino
Percheton Piaffe Wild Beauty
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