KARIMA is proud to present the miracle of serenity this season. Our inspiration is a garden from our imagination that has bright and beautiful greenery and flowers. In this “serenity garden”, KARIMA women will experience a feeling of calm and happiness. KARIMA uses the Verbena and Campanula flowers as inspiration for its printing, details, pattern of the design. The color and brightness of these flowers signifies sweetness and femininity as well as a hint of sexiness. The colors for this collection are natural tones like white, nude, and cream. We also use pastels like light blue and arose. Lastly, we use stronger, sexier colors that allude to heat like neon pink, orange, and lemon yellow.
Our design utilizes light fabrics and lace to preserve our signature femininity, but uses checkered fabrics to add a touch of modern style. This collection has developed new details to create a “clean” look to make the clothes easier to wear and has been molded to the modern lifestyle of the KARIMA woman. This collection inspires those who where it to feel happiness, serenity, while also having fun and being playful.
Amanta Flora Balmy Calmy Blue Pavilion&Botanic Garden
Boundless Amity&Brick Patio Butterfly Greeting Crystal Lake
Floral Greenery Florist Remix Freshy Breeze
Golden Woody Isabel&Estella Juicy Viva
Pitter Patter Scent of Flower Sweet Aroma&Everblooming
White Gardenia&Modish Mild Wonderful Scenery Wooden Leaves & Wooden Blossom
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