Karima Kunjara Na Ayudhya, Creative Director of KARIMA Brand, is proud to present KARIMA’s latest collection, “Sanctum of Fashion”.

In this collection, KARIMA intertwines soft and sweet with modern details and a slight edginess to create allure and mystery. Our inspiration for this collection originated with the masterpieces of Gustav Klimt, the legendary Austrian Artist. The structure and lines of Klimt’s art are expressed in the silhouette of many pieces and we took inspiration from the color palette used, like the signature Lemon Yellow, Dust Pink, Peony Deep Pink, Iris Blue, and Chili Pepper Red to bring life and energy to the collection.

Each of the colors was chosen to emphasize the individuality and distinctiveness of each piece and the multiple textures and dimensions of the unique fabric combinations throughout this collection. We also created our own unique lace design and chose fabrics with contrasting feels such as Satin Duchess and Organdy. To further highlight the exceptional detail of our collection, we included many pieces with complicated embroidery and unique motifs. Keeping true to the KARIMA signature style, we used pleating techniques to create a light playfulness ever-present in our collections.
Autumn Breeze & Standing Tall Autumn Sunset Chancel & Liberated
Cultivated Dream Catcher & Urban Hideout Feather Frenzy
Free Range Grace & Tranquility Haven & Liberated
In Bloom & Rejuvenated In Bloom & Short & Simple Inner Strength
Love Thyself Native Oasis
Poised Refined Romance Refuge & Lace me up
Refuge & Running Free Sleek Silhouette & Urban Hideout Stardust
Utopia Wallflower Wild Flower
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