KARIMA Brand is proud to present its special capsule collection, “Jubilee”, to celebrate Three wonderful years of the KARIMA Brand and its ever-growing fan base of loyal KARIMA Women.

Our inspirations for the designs of this special collection originate from the delicateness and subtle intricacies of a blooming flower that embody the birth of a new day. We use several different varieties of materials, both heavy and light, to reflect the complicated textures of the many different species of flowers. The heavier, yet delicate to the touch, fabrics we use like Duchess Satin, Italian silk, Thai silk, and soft lace exude the gentleness of the collection. The core colors, that make up the foundation of this collection are ivory, black, arose, and pale pink. While to add a little more flavor to the collection, we add turquoise, metallic green, red, burgundy, and strawberry.

In this collection, KARIMA brand exemplifies what it means to be a modern KARIMA woman, confident, strong, unique and stylish. That is why we at KARIMA brand always encourage KARIMA women to Be Confident, Love Your Style.
Adelard Behind the Bling Bo Knows&Flame
Bop & Twist Cape de Classic&Coco Pant Cherries Diamond&Risen Ruby
Corolla Crystal Bow Gatsby
Hidden Surprise Inner You&La Lace Jublilee Queen
La Lace Latendresse Rumba
Secret Whisper Serenity Victorian&Airflow
Victorian&Cool Breeze Victorian&La Lace
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