Fortuitous Destiny 2018

To welcome in the New Year, KARIMA is delighted to launch our latest collection “Fortuitous Destiny”. This collection represents everything that we wish for every KARIMA WOMAN: companionship, luck, happiness and gratification. The core of this collection is the iconic Crane, which according to ancient Chinese and Japanese beliefs, represents luck, good health, longevity and steadfast love.

The focus of this collection is on handcrafted materials formed to mimic the majestic shape of the Crane. The image of the Crane flying high into the bright sky symbolizes the beauty and empowerment of the KARIMA Woman. The highlight of this meticulously crafted collection is our signature “K” carefully embroidered onto each signature piece of clothing.

The color palette used in this collection was carefully chosen and also has a deeper meaning. The red in this collection is a deep red and signifies affection. Bubblegum pink is sweetness, while primrose yellow purveys joyfulness. Summer green provides the collection with freshness and caramel brown denotes the grandeur of the KARIMA Woman.

KARIMA is ready to deliver fortuitous destiny and happiness to you all.
Be confident, love your style.

Midwinter Dream

Garden Party


Shine On
Couple Pair

My Angel
Flight of Dance

Magic Love

Inner You

Armour Illusion

Lucky in Game

Red Crowned


Lucky in Love


Midnight Romance


After Dark

Sweet Lover

The Dance of Love

Floral Delight

Touch of Love

Moon Dance

Above All

Lovely Charm

The Rhythm of Life

Heart & Soul


That Moment

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