In this collection we present the sweetness and elegant style which the KARIMA brand. The new fall collection stays true to our traditional features but through a new and different design and detail.
This collection is inspired by the fantasy and imagination of the deep sea romance. We would like to describe the underwater environment into a glamorous underwater city. The heart is used as a romantic symbol decorated through embroidery, cut outs, and heart shaped patterns. There are a variety of techniques we use such as sewing solid vs. sheer fabric, foiled screen or crystal screen onto fabric. Silhouette stills with feminine touch of ruffle. For this collection we have produced newly printed fabrics with seahorse with special heart designs. The fabrics we use are solid combed with sheer texture. The colors for this collection are custard yellow, marine blue, grey blue, navy blue, black, white, beige, and last but not least neon pink and old rose to make this collection look more contemporary.
Stay fresh and fashionable, grab these special pieces from our fall collection for your wardrobe today.
Paradise Sea World Charming Sandcastle Deep Sea Sweetheart
Under Sea World Shadow Palm Phoenix Luna Night Party
Crystal Soft Sand Sweety Serenade Classy Angle
Horizontal Breeze Blue Caribbean Cherish Romance
Deep Sea Romance Star Gazing Endless Sunshine
Clown Trigger Sweetheart Island Brightly Seaside
Lively Mesuda Cozy on Beach Orca Black Sea
Seahorse Lover Imagery Love Purely Windy
Romance Seahorse    
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